Liebe Grüsse aus Zagreb von Karolina Vidovic Kristo

Liebe Freunde!


Ich bedanke mich nochmals für unser Beisammensein – ich habe es wirklich genossen und bin auch der Meinung, dass auch dies ein Beispiel dafür ist wie wichtig es ist über alle Themen laut und basierend auf Argumenten/Tatsachen zu sprechen, öffentlich zu diskutieren.


Wie versprochen schicke ich Ihnen den Link zu meiner Sendung, die größtenteils auf Englisch ist (05:01 - 23:04).


Ich schicke Ihnen anbei auch die englische Übersetzung des Anfangs und des letzten Teils der Sendung, die Links zu Tim Tates Dokumentarfilm „The Kinsey Pedophiles“ und zu Chris J. Pintos „The Kinsey Syndrome“.


Es wird mich freuen wenn wir im Kontakt bleiben.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Karolina Vidović Krišto


The first and the last part of the show, 00:00 - 05:01 and 23:04 - 26:25, is in Croatian.

Please find the English translation below.





Croatian radio and television

„Slika Hrvatske (Picture of Croatia)“, Dec. 29th 2012

00,00 – 00,30


«We acknowledge the historic right of Croatian nation to an independent state. Free nations of Europe and the world, A.D. 1992»

00,30 – 01,05


Ladies and gentlemen, dear viewers, welcome to the Picture of Croatia! In recent weeks, or probably something many don't even know, in recent years, Croatia has been preoccupied by the so called health education issue. In its latest turn it is now entering Croatian schools in a deceivingly benevolent way called Health Education. Our whole today's episode deals with this topic, i.e. it is about a shocking documentary movie witnessing the beginnings and the roots of the social phenomenon that did not only shake all nations of the world but did the indescribable evil everywhere. As for introduction, there is a short clip taken from different HRT informative broadcasts:

01,05 – 03,08

- statements of the Cardinal, Bishop, politicians, parents, activists, and a journalist who quotes the constitution saying that parents have the right to raise/educate their children.

03,08 – 05,01

We can proudly say that this show was initiated by our viewers. The link to the film about to be shown was sent to us by a viewer as well as the letter that also says the following:

The statistics show how much evil such a sexual education has produced in the countries where it has been carried out for several decades: the increase of violence among the young, such as self – violence, violence towards the others and the generation gap. As a result of a too early aroused eroticism children lose concentration, a feeling of the purpose of life, they drop out of school more frequently, they run away from home, the number of teen pregnancies increases and so does the number of minors infected with sexually transmitted diseases, the rate of teen abortions grows drastically. Sexual education in schools is also a great profit market closely tied to the production and sale of many contraceptives and medicines, expensive abortions and one day of artificial insemination. There grows a number and a need of teenagers who eventually have to take a physical or a psychological therapy in diverse clinics –  and that is what experts are perfectly aware of. Sex market grows and spreads incredibly rapidly due to the difficulties related to getting sexual satisfaction,  the young as well as the older ones ask for more and more «creativity» and perversions so erotic and porn press, TV channels and virtual pornography become to many of them the most important thing in life. Sexual and gender education stands for the violence targeted at the young where they have no possibility to say no, neither the children nor their parents can even say NO. This is not sexual education, it is all  about a sexual abuse of the young and children. Sincerely, Zarko


How justified is Mr Zarko's attitude, check in the coming minutes. We have prepared fragments from the American documentary movie «The Kinsey Syndrome» we took from the internet. In its original form it lasts 2 hours and 44 minutes. We apologize for the bad quality of the record.


05,01 – 23,04


23,04 – 26,25

Parents in Croatia demanding the right of choice? In the 21st century the right to choose the sick and criminal teachings of a sexual maniac and a pedophile? At least this is what they claim in this documentary movie. In Croatia pedophilia is a criminal act. Kinsey and his institute personnel were openly molesting children. He defined sexual habits of women and men according to the habits of sexual maniacs and prostitutes. He measured the orgasm number of children aged 4? So, we do not demand the right of choice or prohibition. We want a legal prosecution of all those who openly or furtively promote the child abuse or do it themselves. Another viewer has also sent us a link to a biography of one of the newly introduced health education authors in Croatia, Aleksandar Stulhofer from the Humanities Faculty in Zagreb. Aleksandar Stulhofer was a scholarship student of the mentioned Kinsey Institute as well as a joined Kinsey Institute researcher. I invited Aleksandar Stulhofer to be the guest of the Picture of Croatia, but he rejected the invitation due to health problems. All information presented here were passed on to a colleague Aleksandar Stankovic who is shooting his talk - show today and presents it tomorrow on Sunday at 2 – his guest being Aleksandar Stulhofer himself! This subject has just been broached by The Picture of Croatia. We will dedicate the whole coming year primarily to this topic that does not seem to be only Croatian but a global problem. We will also commit ourselves to check all the materials like the ones shown in the Kinsey Syndrome which we have had no need to doubt about so far. Once again I also appeal on all of you watching this in Croatia and worldwide to send us your suggestions and information you come across. This is our adress: This is the last Picture of Croatia in 2012. We have not included any retrospective view on the last year, but an important event in this year will still be mentioned. Primarily because you have sent us your comments again. Lustration in Croatia is still possible! It was shown by the public release of the Homeland War Veterans Register that for our conditions has been organized extremely promptly. Bravo to the State apparatus! Since they have shown that it is possible, a list of Croatian citizens' wishes is a bit longer. In the letters we receive and on the internet portals they emphasize that among other they demand:
-Register of all Croats worldwide who have contributed to the victory in the Homeland Liberation War
- Register of members of Serbian aggressor military forces abolished from guilt who attacked Croatia
- Register of active politicians since 1991 until today who could have, but did not defend Croatia
- Register of all those who have received Croatian national awards and honors
- Register of  of Croatian national subsidies and aids users
- Register of persons who have become wealthy in the privatization process
- Register of Ustashi, Croatian 2nd World War defenders troops (domobrani), partisans, chetniks and Yugoslav Secret Service members (like the former Russian KGB or Stasi in the former DDR)
Dear viewers, may you have a blessed and happy New Year 2013! Dear Croatians worldwide, don't ever forget:You are the picture of Croatia too! Without you, it just isn't complete! Good Bye!


Tim Tate's Dokumentarfilm „The Kinsey Pedophiles“


Chris J. Pintos „The Kinsey Syndrome“




Standards für die Sexualaufklärung in Europa
Rahmenkonzept für
politische Entscheidungsträger, Bildungseinrichtungen, Gesundheitsbehörden, Expertinnen und Experten
Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA) Köln 2011
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.8 MB
Standardy edukacji seksualnej w Europie
Podstawowe zalecenia
dla decydentów oraz specjalistów zajmujących się edukacją
i zdrowiem
WHO_BZgA_Standardy_edukacji_seksualnej K
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